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The Cheese Program is one of the programs planned by the Entrepreneurial Student Group, the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University. Cheese, which stands for Chat About Business, is a webinar program that discusses chat about business. On this occasion, the chat about business took the theme May Business Heal The World. Chat About Business activities are carried out online through the Instagram application.

This activity was carried out thanks to the collaboration between the Entrepreneurial Student Group (KMW) of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University and the Undip KKIB Business Incubator. The webinar takes place on Saturday 24 April 2021. In the Cheese activity, the Entrepreneurial Student Group invites a speaker, namely Vania Santoso as the Co-Founder of Hey-Startic and Artistic Eco-Fashion.

The purpose of this activity is to invite students, especially internal management at KMW, to take advantage of business opportunities during the current Covid 19 Pandemic. It is hoped that the opened business will have a positive influence. The state of the Covid 19 pandemic has also attacked various countries around the world, so the theme raised at this activity is that hopefully business can heal the world. On this occasion, Devi Wulansari as the Chairman of KMW FEB expressed his gratitude to Mr. Idris, SE, M.Sc., as the Supervisor of KMW FEB Undip, to the committee and to various parties who have supported the Chat About Business “Cheese” event. well.

The theme raised in this activity was “Hopefully Business can Heal the World. The speaker said that the Covid 19 Pandemic, which has occurred 2 years ago, made some business people have to close their business outlets because demand (buyers) decreased. On the other hand, the Covid 19 Pandemic has opened up opportunities for creative business people and business people who have the right marketing strategy. On this occasion, the speaker gave tips and tricks for the participants so that they can be optimal in running their business and provide new knowledge in doing business that can be used in the current situation of the Covid 19 Pandemic.