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The Entrepreneurial Student Group (KMW) of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University, collaborated with the Undip KKIB Business Incubator on Saturday, April 13, 2021. This collaboration carried out a workshop on Planning and Compiling a Business Plan Competition with the theme Coaching of Competition. In the Coaching of Competition activity, the Entrepreneurial Student Group invited speakers, namely Benediktus Jagad Krisnata as the 2016 Undip Management Alumni and 2017-2018 KMW Alumni.

The Business Plan Competition is one of the facilities for students to develop creative ideas which are of course expressed in various fields, one of which is the field of entrepreneurship. The Business Plan Competition encourages students to be able to produce products with economic value and also of beneficial value. Not only that, students will be encouraged to plan the business model of the products to be sold, so that students are able to comprehensively build a systematic business. Therefore, education on planning and preparation of the Business Plan Competition is important to encourage student potential. As an advanced form of a series of workshops summarized in a Coaching of Competition.

This activity aims to train students, especially the internal management at KMW, in making, namely: first, being able to make an executive summary and company background. Second, students are able to make market and marketing analysis as well as product analysis. Third, being able to make management analysis (HR) and financial analysis. Finally, being able to make business development plans and business risks.

A series of Coaching of Competition activities are conducted online (Microsoft Teams application). The enthusiasm of the participants who asked questions and took part in the event was also appreciated because many of the participants asked questions, even though it was done online. On this occasion, Devi Wulansari as the Chairperson of KMW FEB expressed his gratitude to Mr. Idris, SE, M.Sc., as the Supervisor of KMW FEB Undip, to the committee and to various parties who have supported the Coaching of Competition event carried out well. The result of this activity is the growth of a culture of competition among KMW administrators and Diponegoro University students so that champions will be born.